A Trip Through Romania Part I

Rainbow Over Cluj

From the end of May through the first week of June, I spent two weeks travelling through several parts of Romania.

I can honestly say that Romania has some of the friendliest, most laid back people as well as some amazing scenery and history. We started off in Cluj-Napoca and were lucky enough to see a rainbow over the city before a heavy downpour of rain came in. Thankfully, we made it inside right before it got too bad!

After Cluj, we headed to the Maramures region and captured images of local scenery, buildings and wildlife. OK, so the horse wasn’t really wild life but he was there and made sure to stare right at us as we were watching for the beautiful morning light. There are also many haystacks of varying shapes and varieties in this rural area.

Additionally, we able go to a local village on a bright and sunny Sunday morning to see the residents heading to church for Pentacost dressed in their Sunday best. A simple Buna Ziua! and a smile were enough to get many reactions.

Pentacost Day two Men

We also paid a visit to the memorial museum for communist victims. This sobering museum is housed in a former prison and dedicated to those who were victims of communism and of the resistance in Romania.

Romanian Silhouette

Travelling on to the Bucovina Region, we encountered some beautiful scenery and friendly locals who did not mind stopping to model for us on our evening walk around Vama. The town of Vama was lovely and peaceful and made for a great place to sit out on the porch and relax and enjoy watching the moon rise in the evening.
Man and CowCottages

We continued to travel on, meeting many individuals from a blacksmith, a copper smith and two women who hand paint eggs with extremely steady hands and a patience I would never be able to maintain. One of the women is passing this art form and tradition down to her daughter who is also currently creating these beautiful works of art.

I will be sharing more memories and photographs from this trip here and on my photography page under Romania.

All in all, it was a lovely trip.

Oh yes, and there was Palinka…